Yellow Single


YELLOW series preamps have been specially developed to offer musicians and sound engineers flexible solutions that meet a range of performing and recording requirements. The preamps combine CLASS-A electronics with a modern, sophisticated design and lightweight yet robust aluminium housing. Every single section has been engineered to ensure maximum potential from any kind of sound source.

As its name suggests, YELLOW SINGLE has one dedicated input channel that accommodates a range of microphones, pickups and instruments. The Return socket can also be used as a second input for line sources. Output options and other features are similar to its larger sibling.

Yellow Single is included in all STAT-PRO sensor packages. Yellow Blender is included in all STAT-ROAD packages.


modern and sophisticated design, build in a robust and light aluminum case.
maximum two input channels for all kind of microphones and pick-ups.
maximum four output lines with multiple connections
headphones output
send & return for effect loop
four band EQ and extra dedicated filters on the main channel to ensure wide range of tonal controls and maximum flexibility.
hi-end pure class A electronics for the best possible sound performance
Every single section has been thought and engineered to ensure the maximum potential from any kind of sound source.



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