Horea Crisovan plays Auden Guitars

Horea Crisovan

Horea Crisovan

Our newest Auden artist is Horia Crisovan from Romania. Horia is an eclectic jazz rock guitarist, and has been a session musician on over 50 CD productions,14 theatre productions, played with various philharmonic orchestras and even attempted to qualify for Eurovision!

“the beautiful resonance of your guitar must came from the wood, the heart and the hand. Not from the gadgets and plugins and very expensive things you are using to enhance your guitar sound. The acoustic guitar must be loud and present and full of all frequencies. This is what I found at Auden Guitars. And I am really happy with Auden’s acoustic sound.”

Horea recently released his new album, ‘My Real Trip’, recorded solely with Auden acoustic guitars.

You can find out more about Horea on his website




Horea Crisovan – Enlight

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