Joe Jeffery

Joe Jeffery is capable of saying more with one phrase than most guitarists would say with an entire solo – that’s what sets him apart in my opinion and makes him one of the very best guitarists I have heard so far” Nathan Doyle – Session Musician

Joe was raised on real authentic guitar music and followed in his fathers footsteps to become a renowned musician across the UK. After years of making a name for himself on the blues and rock n roll circuits, Joe found his break in being offered the chance to play with upcoming popular artist Beau Holland. Joe toured extensively with Beau and worked for many months to create the unique style found on his latest releases. Soon after, Joe met Greg Coulson, hailed as one of the best rhythm and blues musicians in the country, and began working alongside Greg performing in his live shows.

Joe continues to work and perform with both artists and has found great success over the last few years, working alongside such musicians as Lee Jackson (The Nice), Luke Palmer (The Selector), Roger Inniss (Chaka Khan) and  Ally Wilkinson (Shura).

He is currently touring an Auden Chester and is a proud endorsee of Auden guitars alongside his other endorsees Blackstar Amplication and Schertler Amplication.

Follow Joe on Twitter – @joejefferymusic and on his Facebook page.