Auden Presents 2015

August 7th 2015 – 7:30pm – 11pm

An intimate evening of wonderful singer songwriters performing in a beautiful venue with a fine selection of locally brewed beers.

Featuring three Auden Artists in one night in the historic Bede Hall in Higham Ferrers, this is the first of a series of evenings featuring Auden Artists. There’s a limited amount of tickets available, so please book early through the form below or call in to Auden HQ to book in person.

Artists Appearing:

Mick Thomas has some secret magic to his writing… he surely can write great songs that make you say “Why didn’t I think of that?” but of course we never do. He writes about mates, ratbags, races, places, weddings, parties, funny stuff – anything – but they are really good stories and great songs. Mick is truly a legend around the best of fair-dinkum roots venues and festivals around the world. He is a character! He is funny! He can roll up to any crappy stage and make it the centre of the universe to any audience. He will talk the leg off an old chair and play the arse off a guitar, sweat the shirt of his back and lay you in the aisles. – See more at Mick’s website

Phil Odgers – from The Men They Couldn’t Hang

Carly Loasby

Bar by the Hart Family Brewery

Auden Presents 2015 Poster

Bede House - Higham Ferrers

Bede House - Higham Ferrers - Home to Auden Fest 2015