Auden in the Community

Auden is proud to support local football side Higham colts

We are proud to be a Higham Ferrers business.

We understand that we are based in a residential area and we strive to be a good neighbour and to play our part in the community.

Working towards this we have;

  • Created six jobs including an apprentice who is learning luthiery through his work and studies
  • Committed to use local suppliers wherever possible
  • Sponsored the Northampton Y Factor and Music Festival
  • Sponsored the Higham Town Colts U12’s JFC through our parent company, Auden
  • Fitted state of the art extraction and filter systems to ensure only clean air leaves our building
  • Agreed to work with all doors closed to minimise noise leakage
  • Supported the local council decision to implement parking restrictions in the vicinity of our building
  • Implemented a policy to use noisy machinery minimally, only between the hours of 8am and 6pm and never for more than two hours without a break.  It is our intention not to use this machinery at weekends or Bank Holidays
  • Encouraged dialogue with our neighbours so they know we will take any concerns seriously and work with them to minimise the impact of our business.