A new standard for guitar building

Building Guitars

The process of building any guitar contains many hazards. Cutting and sanding machines, hardwood dust and lacquer spraying all have a risk to human health. As part of our journey with Auden Guitars we were shocked to see that many international guitar brands seem to ignore this. When you buy an Auden guitar you can be sure that high standards of Health & Safety management are in place at every stage in the process. We are sure that our workshop is at the forefront of employee welfare and we are committed to continuous improvement in this area. As part of the Auden team, our craftsmen share our desire to build great guitars. Looking after them is part of our journey.

We ensure that:

• Health and safety briefings take place with all employees on a regular basis
• Safety guards and vacuum extraction is in place on all key machinery
• Our luthiers are issued with – and instructed to wear – breathing masks and all other relevant safety equipment
• Waterfall and ceiling extraction systems are in place in our spraying and finishing areas
• Standard production shifts are eight hours long with regular breaks
• Our craftsmen receive fair reward for their labour

Materials Sourcing

All the woods used in building an Auden guitar are sourced from responsible suppliers. We operate an excellent supply chain management, ensuring that all materials are ethically sourced and responsibly managed.

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